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Ten things about me? Sure, okay. I'll give it a go.

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Muse: Iolaus
Fandom: Hercules the Legendary Journeys
Prompt: 104. Oh I wish…
Words: 453
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just passing through.
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I'm not the kind of guy who keeps an eye on the sundial and worries about every minute of every day, like Salmoneous who's thinks that Time is Dinars. Whatever that means. Okay, sure, I admit I've got a lousy memory for birth dates and anniversaries and stuff because, hello? where am I going to keep a calendar? It's not like I have any pockets and, even if I did, those things weigh more than Cerberus! Let the Romans hump them around in all that crap they drag with them; I travel light.

As far as I'm concerned, the most important thing about Time is how fast you can get from where you are to where you're going. The bad guys and monsters aren't going to just stand around waiting for me and Herc to show up to beat the crap out of them, you know.
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166. Do you believe in ghosts?

What's not to believe? I've seen them with my own eyes. And not just one spectral spirit here or there, either. I've seen an entire army of ghosts! They were pretty pissed off, too. See, Tantalus was in the middle of a civil war between King Memnos' son and daughter. Herc and me went to try and settle things down when we heard that the bodies of the warriors who fell in battle were disappearing off the field. Just gone, poof! Now, everyone knows there's nothing that raises a ghost faster than messing with its body and denying it a decent burial. And here we had a whole army of them!

Boy, were they upset! And not just because something was desecrating their bodies. See, once you're dead, you know things you didn't when you were alive. You kind of get a better overall picture of things and these ghosts suddenly realized that everything they'd fought for was a lie. Ares' lie. Can you believe the bastard engineered that whole civil war just so he could feed his dog, Graegus?

By the time Herc was finished, that mutt was eating dirt and Ares was running off with his tail between his legs. And the ghosts . . . all of those lost souls . . . were finally laid to rest.

Seeing is believing.
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Iolaus sat with his back against the boulder that sheltered the small campsite and watched as the stars slowly faded from the night sky. Black melted into purple as the heavens prepared for the advent of the sun. At this very moment, Apollo would be mounting his golden chariot, taking the shimmering reins of light into his hands. A sharp command and a crack of the whip would launch the blinding white horses into the sky and the start of a new day.

Rose and orange rays of light suffused the purple, heralding the imminent arrival of the sun god and his chariot.

"You're up early," said Hercules as he sat down beside Iolaus.

Iolaus shrugged. "Couldn't sleep."

"You're up before dawn."


"You're never up before dawn."

"First time for everything."

Hercules nodded his understanding. It was the morning after their confrontation with the Archangel Michael and the Four Horsemen.

The first morning of the rest of Iolaus' life.

"It's been so long since . . ." Iolaus nodded toward the heavens and the approaching light. "I don't want to miss this."

Hercules looked at his dearest friend. "Neither do I."
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Iolaus cocked his head a bit to the right, as if that slight change in perspective would grant him better insight. "What do you think?"

"I think it looks like a tunnel," said Hercules.

"I can see it's a tunnel," said Iolaus with an eloquent roll of his eyes. "What I meant was, what do you think is on the other side?"

"Why don't we find out?"

"Just like that?" demanded Iolaus as he hurried to keep up with his friend's long-legged strides.

"Just like that."

"Sure, why not? In fact, why don't we knock first? Let whoever's inside know we're coming. I mean, we wouldn't want them to be surprised, would we?"

Hercules arched an eyebrow. "Where's the fun in that?"

Iolaus opened his mouth to retort then stopped as he thought better of it. "Good point," he admitted. Indicating the opening with a flourish, he said, "Brawn before beauty."
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"That's it! I'm pooped!" To prove his point, Iolaus fell backwards onto the soft grass, arms and legs splayed wide.

"Really?" replied Hercules as he sat down beside the smaller boy. "I was just getting warmed up. I could easily run another league. Maybe two."

Iolaus groaned at the very thought. "You know, sometimes I wish you were mortal."

Hercules shrugged apologetically before laying on his back to look up at the summer sky.



"You remember that promise we made at the Academy? About going out together, fighting back to back against impossible odds?" Iolaus propped himself up on an elbow. "I just thought of something. What if you can't die? I mean, what if being Zeus' son makes you immortal? You could live forever!"

"Not without you."
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Title: Storm Surge
Word Count: 447
Rating: G

Storm Surge )
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