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Ten things about me? Sure, okay. I'll give it a go.

1. My best buddy is Hercules, the son of Zeus. No, he's more than a friend. He's like a brother to me, and I'd do anything for him.

2. I'm proud to have served under Jason with the crew of the Argo on his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

3. I'm in love with a bard. Not just any bard, but the most beautiful, kick-ass bard in the known world. She doesn't know it, though. No one does. Well, maybe Herc suspects but he doesn't let on. He knows that my life and hers are destined for different paths. Right now my place is here, fighting beside Hercules; hers is beside Xena. Maybe we'll meet someday at the end of the journey; full circle.

4. Speaking of hooking up, I'm the reason 'Dite and Hephaestus finally got together. It's a long story, starting with Heph having a crush on my grandmother who spurned him and him freezing her village in time until she said yes and 'Dite deciding that she wasn't going to be the Goddess of Love any more and … well, long story. Meet me at a tavern sometime and I'll tell you about it.

5. My father was a great general who cared more about battle plans than his family. I resented him for abandoning my mother because the glory of war was more attractive to him. He never knew what a good thing he had in her until he died and abandoned her. (I know, because I asked him about it when I saw him in Hades.)

6. Of all of Herc's relatives, I love his mother Alcmene the most. Don’t' get me wrong – my mother did the best she could raising an unruly rebellious little boy but she really couldn't handle me. Alcmene was also the wife of a general, and she had two unruly boys to handle – Iphicles and Herc. She was an old hand at it by the time she took me under her wing.

7. I stole my first pie from a vender's shelf when I was 3. Stealing was another way I rebelled against what was expected of me – to be a farmer helping my mother or a 'great general' like my dad. I lived on the streets more than at home and became a pretty damned good thief, until Cheiron caught me trying to filch a practice sword from his academy on a dare.

8. I've learned a lot of fighting techniques. I even studied in the East for a few years, learning how to use my body as a weapon. (Take note, ladies!) But the best teacher I have ever had was Cheiron the Centaur. I learned more than weapons skills and battle planning in his academy. I learned about trust and respect and responsibility. Oh yeah, and how not to run with sword and play well with others.

9. I have been to Hades more times than I care to count. I've also been into the Light. For a while there it was almost getting to be a habit. Hades just rolls his eyes now but Persephone is usually pretty understanding (if she happens to be at home – depends on the time of year). Chiron just down right hates it when he sees me standing on his dock. And I thought that I swore like a sailor!

10. I'm not Herc's lover or his nephew. If I find the bards that started those rumors, I'm gonna introduce them to Hades personally!


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