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Who's the best teacher you ever had, and what did they teach you?

You know that old saying, "Be careful what you say because the gods might be listening?" I once told someone that I couldn't imagine what the world would be like without Hercules in it. Then I found out first hand when that bitch Callisto went back in time to murder Alcmene and her unborn son; to murder Hercules before he'd ever been born.

How can I describe what the world became without its greatest champion and bravest heart? How can I find the words to make you understand the horror and death that followed in the wake of what Callisto had done? Without Hercules, there was no one strong enough to challenge the gods or defend the weak and innocent against the monsters and warlords. What I saw was a terrible future of despair and darkness.

No thanks to the gods, I found a way to put things right. With the Chronos Stone, I was able to go back a second time and save Alcmene and her boy from Callisto's fireball.

That's what a life with Hercules has taught me. From his example, I've learned to never give up, no matter how desperate or hopeless the situation seems to be. There are so many things in this world worth fighting for. Even dying for.

See what I mean? I think like him. I want to be like him. In every sense of the word, Hercules has made me the man I am today. Am I a hero? If I am, it's only because of his faith in me.


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