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You know that old Greek saying about being careful what you wish for, because you might get it? I'm the first one who said it.

See, there was this time when I was feeling pretty depressed over not being able to save this woman from falling to her death. I was trying to pull her back up onto the bridge but she kept struggling and I couldn't hang onto her hand. She panicked and I lost my grip. She fell into the chasm, screaming all the way down.

Herc tried to reassure me that I'd done everything I could, but I couldn't get that woman's screams out of my head. I was miserable. All I wanted to do was forget how I'd screwed up.

I must have said it out loud. Something like, "I wish I could forget." Unfortunately for me, one of Herc's relatives happened to be standing nearby; one of the well-meaning ones – which can be a good thing or a bad thing. In Fortune's case, it's a little of both. She's not the sharpest scythe in the field, if you know what I mean, and her brand of magic is a little unpredictable. Okay, very unpredictable – even to her.

So here I am, wishing I could forget failing some poor woman, and there's Fortune, feeling sorry for me because I'm a buddy of Herc's that she's known since we were kids. Out comes that magic coin of hers and she flips it up into the air, feeling confident that it'll come up Heads.

I know what you're thinking. Don't. Don't mistake Fortune for Luck. Trust me. Fortune really has no control over how that coin comes down. If it's Tails … well, things go to hades in a basket pretty damned fast. Like it did then. Tails. Oh sure, it did part of what it was supposed to do. I forgot the whole incident on the bridge over the ravine. But because of Fortune's crazy magic, I also forgot practically everything else that had happened to me my entire life except my name. Hercules? Never heard of him, and I couldn’t care less. Can you believe that? Me not knowing who Herc was and, worse, at one point thinking he was my enemy?

Not good. Very not good!

It turned out okay in the end, because Herc never gave up on me. He never does. Well, that and Fortune's finally getting her magic to cooperate. In the meantime, I learned a lesson about friendship and how important your memories are, both good and bad.

But the whole wishing for something you really don't need and didn't earn? Don't do it. Seriously. You never know when Fortune might be listening in.

Muse: Iolaus
Fandom: Hercules the Legendary Journeys
Prompt: 104. Oh I wish…
Words: 453
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just passing through.
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