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166. Do you believe in ghosts?

What's not to believe? I've seen them with my own eyes. And not just one spectral spirit here or there, either. I've seen an entire army of ghosts! They were pretty pissed off, too. See, Tantalus was in the middle of a civil war between King Memnos' son and daughter. Herc and me went to try and settle things down when we heard that the bodies of the warriors who fell in battle were disappearing off the field. Just gone, poof! Now, everyone knows there's nothing that raises a ghost faster than messing with its body and denying it a decent burial. And here we had a whole army of them!

Boy, were they upset! And not just because something was desecrating their bodies. See, once you're dead, you know things you didn't when you were alive. You kind of get a better overall picture of things and these ghosts suddenly realized that everything they'd fought for was a lie. Ares' lie. Can you believe the bastard engineered that whole civil war just so he could feed his dog, Graegus?

By the time Herc was finished, that mutt was eating dirt and Ares was running off with his tail between his legs. And the ghosts . . . all of those lost souls . . . were finally laid to rest.

Seeing is believing.

Date: 2007-02-26 10:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excuse me, good sir ...

I apologise for asking, but ... is that story all true?


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