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Panting, Iolaus stumbled to a walk and then, finally, stopped. Hands planted on hips as ballast, he bent at the waist and struggled to catch his breath. There was a wicked stitch in his side working against him.

"So," said Hercules, who didn't have the good grace to be even the slightest bit winded. "Here we are."

"Yeah," agreed Iolaus tersely. "Here we are."

Hercules glance back at the two dozen, bull-sized minotaurs that were struggling up the steep slope of the hill after them. "We've got a few minutes yet. Take your time."

"Thanks. Appreciate it."

Wandering to the edge of the precipice, Hercules peered over the edge. "High tide," he said conversationally.

"Lucky for us."

Hercules turned suddenly toward the sound of a fast moving object displacing air. In a blur of speed, his hand shot out and caught the shaft of the inbound spear before it could bury itself in Iolaus' throat. "Time we were going," he said as he broke the weapon into shards and tossed the pieces aside.

Iolaus watched them tumble and fall toward the sparkling blue of the sea and paled slightly.

"Ready?" prompted Hercules.

"Um, sure. Right." Iolaus rubbed his palms together in a false show of bravado. "Ready as I'll ever be." He looked up at the son of Zeus. "You go first."

"You're not afraid, are you?"

"Who, me?"


"Of what? A tiny little thousand mile drop?"

Hercules arched an eyebrow. "It's only a couple hundred feet."

"Only, he says."

Another spear whizzed by, the breeze of its passing skimming Iolaus' right bicep. The Minotaurs were now close enough to smell, clawed hands wrapped around raised weapons, horns glinting in the afternoon sun. Much too close for comfort.

Definitely time to leave.

"Herc! What are you just standing there for?" demanded Iolaus. "Come on!"

With a snort of laughter, Hercules fell into step beside Iolaus as he leapt over the cliff into space.
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