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"I'll take two of those and a couple of the red ones and, oh yeah! A dozen of those!" said Iolaus exuberantly.

The merchant struggled to keep up with the purchase, quickly selecting the items from their respective bowls and baskets while trying to keep track of the tally in his head.

"Throw in a few of those, too," said Iolaus, pointing to a selection of figs and dates.

"How many, sir?"

"Um, six? No, ten. Wait, forget that. I'll take them all!"

"Yes sir!" The merchant happily lifted the bowl and deposited the contents into a new sack. "Will there be anything else?"

"Well, now that you ask, I think—"

"That's more than enough," interrupted Hercules before his friend could purchase the remaining contents of the grocer's stall. "Just the total, thanks."

"Fifteen dinars," replied the merchant promptly.

Hercules glanced reprovingly at Iolaus who replied with a bright smile and an apologetic shrug. Shaking his head, the son of Zeus produced the required payment and dropped the coins into the merchant's waiting palm.

Iolaus eagerly gathered the bags and bundles of foodstuffs. "Thanks, Herc!" he mumbled around a mouthful of figs.

"That must be some party he's throwing," commented the merchant as he happily slipped the coins into his money pouch.

"No party," said Hercules. "Just him."

"Him?" The merchant frowned, clearly puzzled. "You mean he's going to eat all of that himself?"

"Probably. And if I know Iolaus, he'll do it all in one sitting." Hercules watched as Iolaus busily crammed a handful of olives into his mouth. "I can't really blame him," he confessed. "If I'd been dead for six months, I'd probably want to eat everything in sight my first morning back, too."

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HEE. Excellent punch line, and that Iolaus blithely has Hercules pay for him is one of my favorite things in the series.

"No party, just him," is such a typical Hercules line too. Hee.


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