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Such a small wound to have brought him to this. Little more than a scratch, really; but with every moment that Prometheus lay bound by Hera's treachery, his gifts to Mankind slowly vanished. The first to go had been the gift of healing.

Iolaus' teeth chattered as he shivered, a freezing cold darkness seeping into his body from the wound in his side. He could feel his heart laboring in his chest; his breath sighing in and out like a fading whisper.

"Iolaus?" Gently, warm hands caressed his brow. Words, sweet and encouraging begged him stay, just a little while longer.

His eyes were glazed with pain as he looked into Gabrielle's face, bending over him. There was kindness and worry in her eyes. Her touch so soft; her voice sweet. He wanted to reassure her; to tell her that it would be alright. He wasn't afraid to die. He only wished he could stay long enough to know that Prometheus was free and Hercules safe.

The flame of the torch suddenly flared then died, plunging the cave into darkness. The light in his eyes faded with it.

"Iolaus?" There was fear in Gabrielle's voice as she gently shook him. "Iolaus!" Warm tears spilled like gentle rain on his cheeks.

Darkness pressed close and he could feel himself slipping away. He wanted to say something reassuring but his tongue was dry and the words would not come. Instead, he managed to curl his fingers around hers and squeeze. It would have to be enough for thank you and good bye.
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